Frequently Asked Question’ s (FAQ’s)

What age are the lessons tailored towards? 

The lessons are designed with boy and girl hockey players in grades 3 through 7 in mind.

Each player has a unique background and we are confident with over 200 lessons annually players will find the program to be educational and an exceptional value.


Can you send me a sample lesson before I commit to purchasing the program? 

Yes, a sample lesson is being designed and can be emailed to you.   Please email us at


Would a goalie benefit from the Hockey iQ curriculum?  
The content is not designed specifically with goalies in mind.

Goalies would, however, benefit from many of the lessons as they include topics applicable to all players like mental toughness, goal setting,

leadership, nutrition, hockey history,  and much more.


How long are the daily lessons?

Lessons are designed with a target duration of 7-10 minutes

Will I need to help my player through the lesson? 

No.  The lessons and website was designed for students to be able to easily navigate without assistance.
That being said, we hope parents will check out the lessons and will receive a weekly electronic newsletter keeping them up to date on the weeks curriculum.


Can I view the lessons on my tablet or phone? 

Absolutely.  The lessons can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone.

We envision your student watching the daily lesson in the back seat while driving to hockey practice.


What duration’s are the membership’s available for? 

The only individual membership duration offered at this time is 1 year.  Hockey iQ or hockey sense is built over time and we feel the one year duration is necessary to provide the intended impact on the students.   We understand, however, teams often are together for only a handful of months so we are offering a 4 month team membership allowing coaches the opportunity to use the program as a complement to their on ice teachings.


So what are the team pricing details? 

Every team membership lasts for 4 months

7-11 players $95 per student

12-16 players $85 per student

17 + players $75 per student


Additional team perks:

 Shorter duration, 4 months,  to match team season

Hockey iQ t-shirt for each student

100 iQ Buck signing bonus for each student

Each team can submit 5 topics they’d like covered during their 4 month membership and 3 of those topics are guaranteed to be covered

Please contact us at before registering for a code specific to your team.

Is there family pricing? 

Yes.  The first player in your family pays the regular $239 annual membership.

Each additional student in your family pays $100, which essentially offsets the prize value engaged students could earn via iQ Bucks during their membership period.

Please contact us at before registering for a code specific to your family.


Are there shipping costs for prizes I buy with iQ Bucks?