Tryouts and Hockey iQ

Hockey goalie

Hockey iQ is a hot topic around rinks every fall as player’s head into tryouts while coaches, evaluators and parents all weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of those players. How much weight should be given to skating through cones and shooting while unchallenged by a defender? How much consideration should be given to a player who doesn’t impress in drills but always seems to have the puck in scrimmages? Each association and team will make their own decision on how to balance skill and sense, size and intangibles, good kids and crazy parents and so on! It’s a tough job with no perfect answer and nearly all outfits give a best effort to being as fair as they can. But what happens after the tryout? Some kids are elated and others dejected but in either case parents often swing into motion with a plan. Tryouts just provided a measuring stick and now is the chance to make sure their player has a better spot on the stick next time those measurements are made. I imagine private skating instructors have full voice mail boxes after tryouts end – which can be a very good use of time and money as the game is only getting faster and you need to be able to skate to compete. But what about Hockey iQ? It’s brought up at tryouts and by most higher level scouts when assessing players but can it be enhanced before they pull out the measuring stick again next year? We think that it absolutely can be and are super pumped about the curriculum we’ve been working on to do just that. A brand new Hockey iQ website is just about ready and your player can tap into Hockey iQ lessons daily for an entire year at a time that’s convenient for them…for the cost of 3 or 4 private skating lessons! Please check out the Hockey iQ website for exciting details.